Action Plan

Our suggested action plan is a multi-pronged approach including organizing, legal engagement, state and federal legislation, and federal regulations

1. Raise Public Awareness
2. Become a ‘Citizen Oil Train Spotter’ on Twitter Using #ILOilTrainWatch By Noting Time, Date, Direction, and Exact Location
3. Educate and Influence Legislators
4. Organize and Promote Activism in Banning All New Infrastructure for Oil and Blocking Loading and Unloading Facilities
5. Press Legislators for a Long-Term Plan and Budget to Phase-Out Fossil Fuels, Limit the Volatility of Oil, and Implement Other Safety Regulations
6. Demand Disclosure of Worst Case Scenarios and Evacuation Plans
7. Require Implementation of Multi-Agency Response Drills at Key Public Facilities Such as Schools (multi-agency training and water supply may be key factors over foam)
8. No Entity Has Jurisdiction in the Event of a Spill. Counties should insist railroads carry Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance, covering ALL pollution and environmental damage liability (very rare and expensive)
9. Replace Resistant Legislators

Possible State Jurisdiction Over Crude by Rail (based on NY successes)
• Title V Air Permits
• Petroleum Bulk Storage Permits
• State Pollution Discharge Elimination System
• DOT Rail Inspections
• Dredging Permits
• Summary Abatement Powers
• Executive Order 125-5: Agency mandate to study state oversight over crude-by-rail Local Initiatives
• Monitor rail expansion and facility development – demand full scale environmental review (Environmental Impact Statement)
• Investigate local response plans and emergency preparedness (Foam/Gel – Quantity? Effectiveness?)
• Monitor local government Board meetings for zoning changes or “special use” of land
• Read “Consent Agenda” from local Board meetings – it requires only one vote for all that is included (may be used to hide information)
• Review Setback Regulations with focus on recreation areas, common open space, and preservation of environmentally sensitive areas
• Local outreach to citizens, first responders, PTAs – many remain unaware
• Organize Rallies
• Use Social Media to spread the word (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
• Organize a Twitter Storm and try to get issue to trend (repetition is key!)
• Create a documentary
• Write Op-Ed Articles (250-500 words)
• Maintain a blog Network with environmental organizations
• Petition

• Always question – Don’t take assurances from railways or regulator at face value
• Be media savvy – Develop a mainstream and alternative media strategy
• Reach out to like-minded groups across border
• Form a ‘skeptical’ liaison with industry

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