Recording of CN Ordering Fatigued Conductor to Work

View article in its entirety at The Star. — Author:  Brennan Doherty One of the biggest concerns for engineers is fatigue — and it isn’t confined to one particular company. According to an annual watchlist from the Transportation Safety Board, an independent investigator charged with improving safety practices, sleep-related fatigue issues have been a contributing… Read More Recording of CN Ordering Fatigued Conductor to Work

Network for Responsible Public Policy

Fossil fuels, depending on where they are extracted, may need to travel across long distances. There are real risks associated with the transportation of fossil fuels, whether by train, truck, or boat, all have histories of spills, explosions, fatalities, and damage. New Jersey needs to end dependence on fossil fuels and move to renewable energy.… Read More Network for Responsible Public Policy

Railroad Workers United: Special News Alert

CN Rail Slashes Jobs as Weakening Economy Cuts Into Freight Volumes Thousands of CN Rail Employees On Strike Amid Contract Talks — The Canadian Press Propane Shortage Appears Largely Manufactured by CN — Teamsters Canada Strike Update Thousands of CN Rail employees are on strike amid contract talks.  Workers say they’re concerned about long hours… Read More Railroad Workers United: Special News Alert